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Stargazer Lily
Wikis are the latest generation of social software that enable librarians to communicate, share, create, and publish information. Librarians use wikis to build subject guides, pathfinders, and FYI pages.
–Dr. Belinha De Abreu

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Lilipedia is a Group #5 project for Drexel University 2009-2010 spring course "Information Users & Services" (Info 521 903), taught by professor Dr. Belinha De Abreu. [http://www.drexel.edu]

Robin Glowatz, Wallinda Hutson, Anna Jakubowski, Nadine Kramarz [see "Who We Are]

The overall course project involved students being assigned to a group of 3-4 people in order to work together to create a reference wiki. The wiki had to contain 12-20 sources. Each source had to have a brief annotation in addition to a hyperlink.

The class groups worked with their members to create wikis of their choosing on a particular subject, ready reference sources, or a pathfinder, etc. Students were not limited to LIS-related topics.

The members of Group #5 are the creators of this particular wiki site called “Lilipedia”.

Group 5’s wiki subject was recommended by Nadine (who was the first member to express an interest in any topic at all – she loves lilies and wanted to hurry along spring). The rest of the members agreed to take on the subject -- After all, lilies are the official flowers of the month of May. Also, another good omen, according to member Wallinda, her grandmother’s name is Lillie Mae.

Robin set up a wiki site for the group at Wikispaces.com, and got the project started by inviting the assigned members to join the protected wiki, which meant only those members invited to join could add to the wiki’s development. Robin polled the group for a name for the site and Wallinda coined the wiki’s name “Lilipedia”. She wrote: “Since the wiki will be all about lilies and we're going to be providing encyclopedia-like information about them.” She also joked, “We can refer to ourselves as "Lilipedians" (sounds a bit like Gulliver's Travels' little people--the Lilliputians.)” Also, Anna, who is pulling a heavy load this semester (4 classes) participated in the wiki’s development and offered her ideas and weighed in on key decisions.

~ Wallinda Hutson. 5-16-10